Turn Key Services Offered




  1. Market entire industry on a national and site specific basis.
  2. Provide detailed analysis of benefits and cost.
  3. Introduce alternate products to reduce cost and possibly increase coverage to the employer and its employee population.


  1. Contact each carrier so that ample supplies of enrollment materials are delivered to each site.
  2. Draft and print all open enrollment documents, with reference to open enrollment period, payroll deductions, etc.
  3. Conduct “on site” meetings in both English and Spanish.
  4. Conduct teleconference meetings in both English and Spanish.
  5. Manage the entire enrollment.

  1. Collect all applications from all sites.
  2. Complete all missing employee data.
  3. Provide a periodic enrollment report to the employer.
  4. Forward all applications to each respective carrier and follow-up on all employees’ activation.
  5. Provide a final enrollment report to the employer, copies of all applications, complete with revised payroll deductions.
  6. Review all Summary Plan Descriptions and Certificate of Coverage documents for accuracy, and to facilitate claim processing.


  1. Provide a comprehensive Employee Benefit Booklet for each employee and send an ample supply to each site. Send an additional supply to Corporate for future enrollments.
  2. Periodically contact each site to order and send enrollment materials directly to each site.
  3. Work closely with each site and employees on claim related issues. Act as a liaison between the carrier and the employee with an extremely high success rate.
  4. All employees have access to our 800 – toll free service.
  5. Employee infomercials which explain all products are provided for employees who come on board after the open enrollment period.


Other Commercial Services


Most Services mentioned below are provided as part of our service to you and your employee population at no additional cost:

  • Conduct a meeting with the employer to determine the benefit structure to be offered to the employees.

  • Solicit numerous companies to obtain the most competitive programs and rates in the market.

  • Provide the employer with periodical status updates of the marketing process.

  • Present a comprehensive proposal with the following information: census data; list of companies solicited; rejection letters; spreadsheet comparing benefits offered and cost summary; employee deductions per company.
  • Meet with the employer to determine the most convenient time to hold the employee meetings and determine how the meetings and enrollment process should be handled.

  • Coordinate with the insurance company personnel and run all employee meetings at all of the locations. This includes the explanation of the plans to be offered, the weekly or bi-weekly cost, and the actual enrollment of the employees. If necessary, the meetings can be done in both English and Spanish.

  • Furnish the employer with a periodical enrollment summary that is cross-referenced to master employee list to obtain a complete enrollment. Once the enrollment process is done, we furnish the employer with a finalized enrollment summary, copies of all enrollment and refusal cards, as well as a copy of the master application.

  • Meet with the employer’s benefits manager to streamline the administration and the general maintenance of the plan. For example, COBRA cost and administration, adding and deleting employees and general billing questions, etc.

  • Furnish the employees with our toll free telephone number and encourage them to contact us if they have any questions, or if they have a specific issue that needs to be resolved.

  • Providing each participant with support and assistance with claims administration. i.e. balance billing issues as well as general and specific plan questions.

  • Section 125, Cafeteria, Legal Assistance Plans, COBRA, and HIPAA Administration through contracting companies.

  • Provide employee benefits booklets (certain requirements apply) .

  • Implementation of Employee Assistance Plans (EAP). (certain requirements apply)
  • On line enrollment. (certain requirements apply)
  • Employee Infomercials explaining all plans. (certain requirements apply)
  • 5500 Filings. (certain requirements apply)